Sonali Desai


We believe that English-language publications in Bengaluru do not cater sufficiently to the needs of a large section of the reading public, if not ignore them outright; all thanks to stereotyped and complacent assumptions about who ‘the reader’ is, and what he or she wants. This has also led to uniformity in the editorial content available as publications settle for a ready, ‘tried-and-tested’ editorial mix. This we believe has created a gap between reader expectations and the content on offer; a gap we hope to fill.

It is our view that an obsession with all things ‘global’ and ‘trendy’ tends to come at the cost of the local and the everyday. That a thoughtless pursuit of celebrity-driven news tends to come at the cost of stories about ‘ordinary people’. A relentless focus on ‘high street’ can only mean that the back street is ignored. We also think there is too much of the former currently on offer on our newsstands, at the cost of the latter.

Focused around South Bangalore initially, City Buzz would be a platform for residents, community organisations, neighbourhood initiatives; educational institutions, local businesses etc, and serve as an intermediary between civic authorities and citizens. It will also be your one-stop guide to South Bangalore, featuring all the events and happenings, places and people that make the area easily the best in the city to live in.

The concept of a neighbourhood newspaper may not be entirely new, but it is certainly not in fashion. We intend to change that. City Buzz seeks to remind Bengaluru that it has a past and not just a globalised future; that it still has such things as neighbourhoods and issues that affect them; that its ordinary people too have extraordinary stories to tell. We intend to pursue not just the big ticket events and ‘hot issues’ but those that affect people’s everyday lives, not merely report on people but tell their stories, and tell them well.


Chetana Belagere, daughter of eminent writer publisher Ravi Belagere is a well known journalist. As the legendary Khushwant Singh once said about her – ‘Journalism is in her blood’. She has not only covered several beats like Crime, Education and Health but has also done some interesting stories like tracking the life of Aghoras in Haridwar, getting a fake death certificate in the name of SM Krishna, exposed fake caste certificate rackets etc. She is an alumni of Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, reputed to be one of the best colleges in the world for journalism education.


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